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    Sharing stories and innovations in the energy industry as we race to meet our climate goals.

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    Meet The Host

    Olubunmi Olajide is a 22-year-old Nigerian national, living in Doha, Qatar.


    He completed his bachelor's degree in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering from Near East University, Cyprus.


    Feel free to call him Olu if you find it easier, he has a genuine passion for the stories developing every day across the energy industry.


    Engineering, sustainability management, business development, geopolitics, and policy-making; all his interests have been carefully put together to bring you the best stories and help you better understand the energy reality we are living with today, and the goals to strive for a better and cleaner tomorrow.

  • The Blog

    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

    August 12, 2019
    Special thanks to Jensen for providing the music for the podcast. Find more of his work with these links Instagram: www.instagram.com/jensen_chuah/  Twitter: twitter.com/jensen_chuah  SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/jensenneedsfriends
    Laura Dafov joins the energy conversation this week from Texas, USA. She is a PhD geo-science student at Stanford university and an intern at BP. She shares about her current role in BP, finding large deposits of Natural Gas Hydrates, which is a cleaner burning and abundant fuel source that...
    Helena joins the conversation this week from London, UK; and we have a very interesting conversation about climate change, renewable energy and environmental policy. We both discuss the importance of having proper dialogue and educating the general public of the little and big ways that climate...
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