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Layoffs In The Petroleum Industry

Putra Adhiguna: How To Survive A Downturn​

Putra Adhiguna is an energy industry professional with over 13 years of experience working with Halliburton.

In 2013, a barrel of crude traded at an average of US$112/bbl. In early 2016, the price of oil hit an historic low of $26/bbl.


This event lead to many people losing their jobs and drastically changed the way the oil industry operates in current day.

Putra and I discuss this event, as he shares his own experiences of working in Halliburton, Indonesia when the down turn hit. Putra gives plenty of advice, encouraging patience to the young workforce and to never stop learning and constantly seek out new challenges to master yourself and improve.

The conversation also goes into energy policy in developing countries and global strides being taking to ensure a sustainable energy future for all.

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